Establish MIDDLE EAST GROUP as the number one provider of environmental products and solutions.
Provide an outstanding service through response times and communication, using a problem solving approach to meet and exceed the expectations of our customers. Our aim is to give our customers the highest level of service, the highest quality products and the best technical back-up in the industry.


We are dedicated to the development and training of its staff in order to empower them with the confidence to express themselves by providing excellent levels of customer service and communication, both internally and externally. Promote stewardship of natural resources and protect the environment. Respect and support the human right to water by conserving, reusing and recycling water and improving water quality. Support society’s need for increased energy through sustainable sources, products, technologies and efficient processes.

To deliver excellent results for our customers by providing on-time service without compromising the quality.


The aim of MIDDLE EAST GROUP is to provide total customer satisfaction and to ensure that all internal arrangements are suitable for this purpose. To achieve this result, the company has adopted a policy of operating a Co-ordinate Quality System which conforms to the requirements of International Standard. The objective is to ensure that products are supplied to customers, at a consistently high quality and manufactured to specification.

Management have the responsibility to ensure that all personnel engaged in tasks, who can influence quality, are aware of their obligations under the standard and are provided with adequate resources. All instances of non-conformance, deviations from specification and poor service are recorded, investigated and actions are taken to prevent recurrence.


MIDDLE EAST GROUP is committed in providing and maintaining a healthy, safe and secure working environment for all its employees and any other persons who may be affected by its activities.  MIDDLE EAST GROUP recognizes the fact that good health and safety management has positive benefits to the organization and commitment to a high level of safety makes good business sense. It also recognizes that the health and safety is an essential function, and must therefore continually improve, update and adapt to changes.


MIDDLE EAST GROUP has a policy to develop a culture throughout the business which is committed to the prevention of injuries and ill health of our employees and others who may be affected by our work, and to prevent any damages or loss to the environment.  We carry out activities in a way that acknowledges our responsibilities to and for the environment both during the operations and over a lifetime of the facilities we install.  We are committed to ensure compliance with the requirements of the Environmental Protection Act and the Local Environmental Officer.


MIDDLE EAST GROUP strictly follows Green Building regulations and specifications in all its projects. A Green building is one where the qualities of both the indoor and outdoor environments have been considered and protected during its design, construction, operations, maintenance and use. Green design attempts to balance economic, social, and environmental factors and its principles affect all phases of project development, from design to disposal. Green Buildings are also commonly referred to as Sustainable Buildings, Eco Friendly Buildings or Environmentally Friendly Buildings.


It can be any space in which, by virtue of its enclosed nature, arises a risk of death or serious INJURIES for people working there its confined space. MIDDLE EAST GROUP committed to provide health and safety of all persons entering and working in confined spaces. We ensure that all personnel required entering or working in confined space are aware of:

  • The required PPE
  • Procedures to be adopted including rescue and first aid
  • The possible hazards