Reverse Osmosis Plants


MIDDLE EAST GROUP offers wide range of reverse osmosis systems which we are specialized in. The RO systems include Commercial and Industrial RO, Brackish Water RO, Sea Water RO, and Containerized RO plants.
We design desalination plants for Brackish Water as well as Sea Water for normal TDS, medium TDS and high TDS(45,000mg/l). Our Sea Water RO systems feature advanced high rejection RO technology. The characteristics of our state-of-the art designs are reliability, efficiency and product water quality at low cost per unit of water.

We are very conscious in designing our systems, for we always use the best quality products in the manufacturing. Moreover, we take care of safety and long life of our equipment’s membrane and its operations.
The major components include cartridge filters, high pressure pumps, pressure vessels , RO membrane and anticipant metering dosing for the protection of membranes along with the most efficient instrumentation and control system for the complete monitoring and control.


We design any RO plant in a compact container version by considering all the customer requirement, product water quality and operational convenience. All our container plants are designed without compromising on MIDDLE EAST GROUP quality and engineering standards by our expert process and design engineers.