Infrastructure MEP

Middle East Group of companies provides prime expertise in the field of Infrastructure projects such as pumping stations, piping networks, infrastructure civil construction, instrumentation including Telemetry/SCADA base.We are handling projects on turnkey basis right from design based development to Construction, Testing and Commissioning including long term Operation/Maintenance services after completion of the defect liability period for various Infrastructure Utilities/Building Construction projects.

  • Swift mobilization and ability of handling turnkey fast track projects.
  • We have dedicated project team for each project with readily available resources.
  • Effective project planning and scheduling.
  • Quality control and safety assurance
  • Providing high quality technical support during the execution and after completion of projects.
  • Participating all major infrastructure tenders and supporting our main contractors in tendering
  • Highly enthusiastic and qualified managing staff, engineers, designers, office staff and technicians..
  • Providing training for employs and conducting progress meetings in order to improve our productivity.
  • Work execution as per defined parameters with timely completion.

Middle East Group using the most modern management techniques and advanced technologies for projects execution quality assurance and making extensive use of management control and advance information systems in all work stages.  Middle East Group managed by a team of highly qualified, professional and competent engineers with vast experience in their respective disciplines.

Middle East Group of companies maintains high standards of quality, customer care and technical support services. The company considers its work force as one of the most valuable assets, with emphasis in providing them with regular training, enabling each employee to be up-to date with the latest technological developments and challenges


Design based development, supply, installation, testing and commissioning of the following:

  • Vertical turbine/submersible/multistage/diesel operated pumps for Irrigation/ firefighting/ overflow/ flushing works.
  • All types of pipes, valves, fittings, filters/strainers and R.O plants.
  • Incoming valve chambers/overflow valve chambers and outgoing valve chambers including electromagnetic flow meters, electrically actuated butterfly valves, pressure and temperature transmitters etc.
  • Instrument panel with PLC, UPS & Panel for cumulative & instantaneous flow, level and pressure including 16 channel recorder unit and video display unit with touch screen support.
  • Programmable logic controller (PLC) for auto operation of the station and necessary arrangement for remote monitoring and control.
  • Uninterruptible power supply for all instruments and control applications with backup.
  • Pump controllers for electrical fire pump/diesel fire pump/jockey pumps as per approved NFPA-20 standards.
  • Instrumentation for operation of all the equipment including cabling from primary elements, Relays, PLC, Electric Panel, Instrument Panel, Local and Remote monitoring and control equipment.
  • Remote Terminal Unit for monitoring and controlling the pumping station from facility management control system including instrumentation for electromechanical equipment in MCC.
  • Capacitor banks, DBs, SMDBs lighting arrestor and power/earth cables complete in all respects.
  • Remote Terminal Units monitoring and controlling the pumping station from central control station.
  • Fire Hydrant monitoring control system in association with certified bodies.
  • 200 KVA & above standby generator set complete with all accessories.
  • Electromagnetic flow meters, actuated gate/butterfly valves, ultrasonic level transmitters, float switches, pressure gauges and temperature sensors.

Our Area Of Specialization

Infrastructure MEP contracting with civil construction specialised in all kind of pump stations and turn key projects.

  • Irrigation pumping stations and closed loop pressurized networks
  • Sewerage & drainage pumping stations including rising mains and gravity mains network.
  • Storm water pumping stations including rising mains and gravity mains network.
  • Fire-fighting pumping stations and closed loop pressurized networks.
  • Potable water pumping stations and closed loop pressurized net works.
  • Sewerage treatment plants, wastewater treatment plants, rising main and gravity mains network.
  • Odor control systems.
  • Piping networks and valve chambers.
  • Surge protection and surge analysis.
  • Water quality analysis and disinfectants.
  • Cranes with electrical hoist and all accessories including fabrication of long travel beams, profile girders and runway rails etc.
  • HVAC system for the pumping stations.
  • Penstocks, pipes, valves and fittings.
  • MCC panels with plc scada integration.
  • Remote telemetry units.
  • MV and LV cable pulling and cable terminations.
  • Earthing systems and lightening protection
  • Backup power supply system with synchronized load sharing diesel generator.
  • Fire alarm detection and suppression systems including signal to civil defense in association with certified bodies.
  • Capacitor bank, DB, SMDB in all aspects.
  • Instrumentation.
  • Street lighting and illumination systems.
  • All associated steel structure work for equipment and rail platforms.
  • Annual maintenance and facility management for completed projects